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Where is the line, and who’s to say when it has been crossed?

There are so many situations that depending upon age will strike different responses and opinions from people of all walks.

When we interact with children, certain traits and personality flaws are acceptable, whereas when an individual grows older the same scenarios prove to be socially unacceptable and frowned upon.

When we interact with adults we expect certain reservations and principals to be maintained and held as true -- things such as manners, professionalism, respect.

When we view the news, movies, books and any form of visual media (Facebook, flickr, magazines) and we see images we are affected in either a positive or negative way. One that will draw out happy emotions and memories, or perhaps a sneer or a gawk toward whatever we may see.











So many images strike memories and happiness within us -- pictures that seem like so many people in todays age have seen. Example:

But where is the line get drawn between a beautiful passionate moment caught in time between two absolute strangers versus a relatable time caught between two people you may know and interact with? For what reason, for the lack of better words, does a kiss become offensive and frowned upon? Become an act that should be hidden from the world and not shared?

Lest I digress...

As a culture, for the most part, we thirst for romance and affection. We seek it out as a group within movies, songs, books and whatever other various form of entertainment we can find. We love to see movies that leave us in tears as the hero sweeps his maiden off her feet with acts of love and words that should echo through time of his declaration of heart. Yet where does the line draw, again, between a fictitious presentation in comparison to someone we may know?

We what point can we simply condemn and approach others we know on how wrong it is to announce to our peers the love and emotion we feel towards another individual? In what difference, is my calling of adoration towards my girlfriend shameful and inappropriate, yet if I were to raise thanks and love to God and Jesus it would be fine? Sure, they ARE God and Jesus, but does that mean my love for my girlfriend is any less or irrelevant?

Should we truly cast judgement upon a pair of individuals for professing what is apparently supposed to be an inner secret? Why must we only be able to love God and raise to him praise and announcements, but sit with shame or cowardice of fear of the opinion of our peers, simply for how we feel? Understandably, people should not fill their lives with stories and comments about "oh my girlfriend" or constantly filling the air with empty bouts of affection. But if a moment is truly special, and a heartfelt sentiment is lifted, then who are we to judge and approach each other to remain silent as its to "mushy gushy" and inappropriate?

Excuse my post for rambling perhaps, but I'll never ask for you to forgive me for raising my love and adoration for neither my girlfriend, nor my Father.

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Food For Thought: What comes to mind when you think of Lamb?

So much has been going on in my life lately, and I've been wanting to share it all for so so long and to so so many people. This is going to be long, and this is going to seem really strange coming from me, to a lot of people. Strange it will be, but sincere it is.

Tonight, I feel, is the night that I am suppose to spill it all to the entire world.

As most of my friends and probably all of my family know, I have been waiting patiently for so long and have had my heart broken so many times by girls. Finally it paid off, because now I have the most incredible, lovable, beautiful, strong and perfect girlfriend for me. I can honestly tell you that I love her, and every moment (even the few bad) moments have been fantastic. We can talk about anything without shame or embarrassment - unless I'm upset and need quiet time to collect myself ;)

I have not only a job to be thankful for, but one that I enjoy and one that allows me to live a lifestyle I prefer.

I have begun a healthier life style, and am for the most part sticking to it -- having lost weight and been active back in the gym with cardio and lifting.

And also, the reason for this entry, is my refound faith. For so long I have been hesitant in telling people about my started-again walk with Jesus, not for shame of being a Christian, but for shame of what I had said and done while I was lost...

It would be impossible to apologize and ask for forgiveness to everyone that I surely offended in my time, so I can only pray and put out here that I am indeed sorry.

However, the meat of what I want to write about is this...

My knowledge on Christianity and the Bible is not large -- I will not claim it to be. However, there are a few things that have really captured my heart and mind and that I spend so so much time thinking about, and that is the following:

  • Teacher: My girlfriend! (she learned at her Discipleship School and shared it with me







    • Paraphrase: People maintain a spontaneous relationship with every single person they know: friends, family, strangers, pets. However, when it comes to our faith with our God (whichever faith that may be, truly) we are so structured. We wake up, we pray and do a devotion. We might bless our meals every time we eat. We occasionally thank God when something great happens (raise, promotion, avoid an accident). We pray when we go to bed.
    • Point: Our relationship with our God is supposed to be our #1 relationship, priority, and love. We should do our best to not structure that love, but to treat it with as much adventure as we would our girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, child or friend. Theres no reason to not say a quick prayer to just lift up thanks and praise for the calm albeit boring day we have (something terrible could have been avoided and we dont know it!). Theres no reason why we cant turn on our favorite Christian band and have our own mid-day worship.
    • Summary: I just thought this was a really cool message she was delivered and passed down to me. I don't know how often she or any of you readers will reflect and strive toward a spontaneous relationship with your God, but I know that I do my best and it's wonderful! (So babe, thats my excuse if I forget to do my devotion in the morning and do it at night instead! I'm being spontaneous! :D )
  • Teacher: Pastor Phil @ First United Methodist Church - Stuart, FL
    • Preface: "My" church is Coastal Life in Stuart, FL, but when my girlfriend is in town I attend my church Saturday evenings and go with her to hers Sunday mornings. This particular service was the Christmas Eve serviceLamb of God
    • Point (see update title): See: John 1:29-"Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world"
      • Every Christians favorite type of Lamb should be Jesus. For the last 7 months of dating Danielle, I've began listening to Christian music pretty early on and now it encompasses nearly everything I listen to, every time. So often you hear in the song references to the Lamb of God. I know we all know in our hearts and through our learnings that that obviously means Jesus, right. But have you ever truly thought into it? Ever truly had that revelation of the power behind that designation, to be the LAMB OF GOD? I wish I could give you the exact scripture but I do not remember and couldn't find it... But basically, in the bible for Lent it explains to take your perfect lamb (not one with illness, injury or any issues, but PERFECT) and to sacrifice it to avoid the angels of death. Likewise, Jesus is referred to as the Lamb of God as he is the PERFECT sacrificial offering. It was he who was sacrificed by his own Father so that we could all avoid death -- death being forever casted away from Heaven and God and banished to Hell. It was such a powerful message to me, and still I think about it on my own and absolutely every time I listen to songs that sing about it.
    • Additionally, in doing research I found the following quote from Saint Augustine in 375 AD (Jesus is often referred to as a lion-like lamb in the book of Revelation):
      • "Why a lamb in his passion? Because he underwent death without being guilty of any iniquity. Why a lion in his passion? Because in being slain, he slew death. Why a lamb in his resurrection? Because his innocence is everlasting. Why a lion in his resurrection? Because everlasting also is his might."

I find myself being drawn more and more with my involvement in my church and with my faith, and I feel its all as a reason to help my walk develop into a full blown sprint while providing casted light in front of me to help keep me from tripping, stumbling, or twisting my ankle.

Each week I walk away from my churches service with plenty of food for thought for the week, and each week after if I'm able to I attend a college aged worship group, which brings me to my next part.

Essentially what our Saturday nights include are a great service at Church and then a gathering either at Pastor Ricks house or another persons, but lately it has been at our new churchs facility that has a really cool chapel built in 1928 that we use! We begin with some simple chit chat amongst each other and then work our way into a 30 minute to an hour session of worship, led by a number of people on guitars, piano and a bongo if available. Our songs are simple but passionate, long but never dull. And fortunately, Rick always leads us on exercises to help break us from our shells.

This last week was absolutely incredible, and brought me more joy and emotion than I have ever felt at one time. Rick asked us to one at a time just raise up to God in a prayer what we were thankful for (a new job, a safety net, a request, anything). There were any choice of prayers and thanks. Finally I decided to break the silence with mine, and I thanked God for his patience. I thanked him for his patience and his forgiveness. Then I thanked him for my incredible girlfriend... I thanked him for my girlfriend because of how he used her to bring me back on the path towards him -- he waited through everything I did and said, all the doubts and rebukes for years. Then when the perfect opportunity presented itself, my life happened. I say that because truly I had no part in it, it just fell into place. And at this point I was overwhelmed with relief, with love, and with shame -- and I broke down into tears. I hate to cry, and I hate to cry in front of a person. What do I hate more? To cry in front of 15 people. But it didn't even matter, because I laid it all out and out loud to him, not held within my heart and mind. I felt a burden lift, and I was just so overcome. And what is really incredible is that while I basically sobbed, and while I felt guilt and shame, I never felt bad. It was like, maybe, if you were at your grandparents house as a child and broke something and you felt terrible? They love you. They dont care... Its done, its over with. You're still their grandchild and they have no ill feelings.

I dont know, it was just wonderful.

My point for this post? To come out with my faith. To not be concerned with what others will think, or what my family might think.

I feel like my faith is that much more of a precious thing, because I "had" it as a child and young teen and then lost it, only to find it again, on my own terms and will full surrender -- not because it was a cool thing to do in my clique, or because its what my parents told me to do and believe. It was because I truly gave my heart and life over to God.

Closing: Someone recently told me, while they don't fully believe in the Christian faith that they think its an incredible thing for people in pain or need, suffering or outcast, injured or broke can use faith as a means of support and to feel better through their trials. My thoughts? Its because its real. And its because its God reaching out and being their crutch. See: Deuteronomy 31:6 " Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Also, I just want to say a big thank you to:

  • Danielle
    • You have been paramount in my life for the last 7 months. You have brought me more joy than I have ever had and could ever have imagined with a girlfriend. I cannot wait to see where our journey takes us. I cannot wait to learn more from you about life and about faith. You mean so much to me, and I love you.
  • Pastor Rick and my Coastal Life family
    • You were a huge part in my walk. It was with you that I prayed for my salvation. It was through you God spoke to me and peacefully called me back to him. It is through your Church that I grow, and seek to be a better person and a better servant to God. I learned that my life didnt begin at birth, but when I accepted Christ in my heart and that it will be for eternity surround by those who love me.
  • God
    • Every day I thank you for waiting for me and for truly loving me, unconditionally. I thank you for the life you have given me, for the trials you have put me through, and for the situations yet to come in my life because I know that you are the light in my darkness, and the strength when I am weak. I thank you for being forgiving and for having sent your son to die for me, so that myself and all other believers can spend eternity with you rejoicing. I am most thankful that you are helping me to be a better person and Christian, to overcome the shameful and disgusting things I do as I give in to sin, and to help me work through them and repent.

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Been a while, ya?

Boars Head

I've been wanting to update my blog for a while, but honestly, I've been too lazy. However! Today presented a perfect opportunity to share a story with you all that I think now is funny, but was really uncomfortable for me when it happened earlier.

So, as almost all of you know, there is very little that will make me uncomfortable, especially when talking with a complete stranger. That being said, I have to honestly say that never would I imagine the time for being so uncomfortable would present itself at the deli counter at Publix Supermarket.

See, I was running low on my proteins, so I went in to pick up some fresh cuts, eggs, fish and some salad.

I feel that when I say that my response to "how would you like your turkey?" to be "um... I don't know, sliced?" would be pretty regular for any of us. I mean, what kind of response do they want? Oh, please set your dial to a #3 please?

So after deciding that I should follow up my above response with something more guiding, like say, not thick but not shaved, I then proceeded to wait.

Up walks a lady, I don't know, in maybe her 50s? She instructs the young kid to slice it thin, but thicker than normal since she likes to roll the meat up and eat it.

She kind of looks at me and trying to just pass time I suggest: It's hard to ever really know what to say to them to that question huh...

She kinda smiles in agreement and took a few steps out of my vision, then all of a sudden BAM right back up near me! Thinking nothing of it, I look over to her and she's smiling and her delayed response:

"I always say, a little thicker than normal is a good thing, right?" *devilish smile*

My response was as follows:

I then proceeded to defend off all further delay thru means of question the evil delicatessen man asked me, refusing to take no to my answer of not wanting any cheeseeeeee!


Here cukie cukie cukieeeeeeeee!

Baby cukie!

Mid-July I got a random package delivered and left in the leasing office. I had to slave to get it to my apartment and upon opening found it was an Earthbox Compost growing aparatus.

Within a few days I went out and picked up baby cucumber plants and two okra plants, assembled the box, planted the pups and sat back to watch what happens.

In the meantime, its rained and its been sunny. I've lost my tomato plants (actually, I said to hell with them and trashed em) and my broccoli still refuse to flower and give me some f'ing broccoli! My garlic chives are doing well, though. Havent used any :\

Well, I've decided its time to show just what exactly my dad did to my lofts patio. Honestly, I have several reasons to thank him for this hidden gem of a box.

It has:

  1. Given me a means to grow more veggies
  2. Given me something to watch progress and do, as I say, 'just cuz it gives me something to do'
  3. Most importantly: provided me shelter to go sit on my patio and smoke a cigar and drink a beer without the gay dude standing across the court yard staring at me while he smokes cigarettes backtoback while playing with his Chihuahua.

Here is a picture of the plants when I planted them (found in blog post "Sometimes I like to think I'm like Bob Villa, found here):

Just a couple happy baby plants!

Now, here are a few pictures of the plant now... A little over 6 weeks old:

Now, I just need to find a delicious recipe to use for pickling when they get to the appropriate size!


Chicken wings: the fuel to violence in rural Atlanta

Wow. Just... just wow.

Tonight my friend Tyler and I decided "hey! we're bored! we're hungry! LETS EATTTTTTTTT!" so we venture out to Wild Wings in Marietta for their "2 for Tuesday" deal on wings. Jesus, what a mistake... What a huge huge mistake.

Our night and adventure that seemed so promising was quickly shat and flushed down the toilet the moment we got to the restaurant, before we even got to park.

We pull up and theres a giant wait ... of 16 and unders. We find out theres a wait for 50 minutes -- we should have left. If I had a mullegen, I'd leave.

What my night ended with was the current attempt to find the solution of this equation: Yager + asshole + full moon + drive for chicken wings by all party + trashy girls = near fight and possible gunning in Wild Wing parking lot.

Who knew that its no longer Blood Diamonds, but Blood Tasty-Chicken-Wing-Morsels. Sorry, DiCaprio -- this one doesnt star you, but rather me!

So here's the scoop. The wait was 50 minutes -- or first come first serve at the Tiki Bar outback of the Wild WIngs. We ventured out back and found some seats! Our thoughts? SCORE! SCREW YOU 50 MINUTE WAIT! The reality? Internal dialogue of: damn, I should really be sticking to my diet and not have come out tonight.

The sitch was this: End of bar - taken seat - open seat - taken seat - open seat - taken seat - taken seat - end of bar

We ask the two people talking over the 2nd taken seat if that seat was taken, and they happily converged together and gave us then two open seats side by side -- SCORE! SCREW YOU 50 MINUTE WAIT!

10 minutes pass, all hell starts to unravel. It turns out we sat next to the good ol Brenden, a Canadian.

Brenden now invited some classy classy girls to come sit with him at the bar, and it was now our problem to deal with it seemed.

Brenden: Hey, hippy, get up and give your seat to my friends.

Tyler: What? No. Hi, my name is Tyler!

Brenden: Ya, Brenden. Now be a gentleman and give your seat to my friends.

From then on, it was constant "You're a douchebag! You're a fag! I'm not asking you to pull your dick out and jack off, I just want you to get up and give me your seat!" and more and more.

Honestly, there was a better chance of me pulling out my sausage than giving that prick my seat at this point. However, the bartender was starting to get pissed off, so I hopped up and gave my seat, and was given one to someone else immeidately.

Problem solved -- except for Brendan, the Canadian, who continued to keep talking smack.

20 minutes pass:

Brendan: Hey get the fuck up so my friends can sit, and scoot down

Me: Get the fuck up? How about you apologize for calling me a douchebag? I'd then love to give you my seat!

Blah blah blah. Of course this was then said:

Brendan: If you have a problem, come out to the parking lot with me to settle it mother fucker!

And of course, I laugh and start into the "really? are we going to throw down over wanting some chicken wings?"

I gave him my seat, cuz I'm a "faggot douchebag".

Finally other seats open, we move and he talks some more smack, we ignore and enjoy our much needed chicken wings. Afterall, Brendan was hopped up on Jager, Bud Light and CHICKAN WANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG so I needed my fuel for my fireeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Anyway, we leave. I look over my shoulder a few times to watch him eyeing us out of the corner of his eye, but he stays put.

We get to my car, get in, and start backing up and low and behold! ITS BRENDAN!

Looking in random car windows parked, and running up to every car window driving and looking in to see if we were there, looking like he was holding something under his shirt. Was it a gun? Maybe. Was it his to-go parcel of chicken wings? I hope not, Brendan is the HULK when he has wings in his blood.

We drove off....

Lesson? If you go get chicken wings, bring a weapon.

It makes sense that the week after I decide humanity has restored a marginal amount of faith to me, and I don't need a pistol to defend myself and decide to sell it, that I really wish I had one.

Sorry for my rant -- I just didnt realize tasty chicken wing morsels came with such an adventure anymore. I'm not sure I like it :\


Amazon: The way a company SHOULD be run!

It's easy for me to get super excited about something that I find really interesting or outstandingly different and unique. For example, I'm a movie studios best friend because if you're movie was good, I will toot its horn all over the place. Another would be say Zappos and their prompt and incredible customer service. However, I honestly think that overall, Amazon is still my #1 company in terms of customer service and customer experience.

A few weeks ago I tried to order 8 bottles of Philosophy body wash for gifts for Christmas because they were on sale for an incredible price ($4 for a 16oz bottle, which is pretty awesome). However, shortly after ordering, the company, Philosophy, changed the product page to display it was for a 3oz bottle instead of a 16oz bottle -- this changes everything: I do not want them anymore.

Easy enough, I email Philosophy to cancel the order and they reply with very unprofessional wording and absolutely no punctuation a message letting me know the orders were automatically canceled, see the following:

dear valued customer,

as part of philosophy's quality process, we verify certain aspects of outgoing orders. during that verification, it came to our attention that the price you were quoted for double rich hot cocoa shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath was incorrectly noted on the web site.

due to this inaccuracy, we unfortunately had to cancel orders that included this item as we currently do not have the pictured 16 oz double rich hot cocoa shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath in stock.  your payment method will not be charged for this order, and any pending hold on your account will be released in accordance with your financial institution's purchase policy.

while uncommon, inaccurate pricing does occur from time to time with our retail partners. we apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to serving you beautifully in the future.

best regards,

The funny part about this email, aside from how its presented, is it was sent to me 75 times! Thats fine, my card wasnt charged, I'm happy. I forgot about it.

Amazon, however, they did not. Today I receive this email:


We're writing about your recent Philosophy order and the multiple e-mails you received as a result of its cancelation. This was an error on our part, and we're very sorry for any inconvenience it may've caused.

We'd like to make this right and offer you a $15 gift card good for a future purchase on You'll find the claim code and details below.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Customer Service Department

Please note: this e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

How awesome is that?! A $15 gift card, just because Philosophy emailed me 75 times to let me know my order was canceled! Honestly, I thought it was more humorous than annoying since GMail rocks and collapsed them all into two groups, see the following (they look really small, but click one of the two pictures to see):

I feel bad, however, for Amazon because this was not their fault, at all. This was an item listed on THEIR website by Philosophy, that I'm certain HUNDREDS of people tried to take advantage of (I found it off, so if you figure say 150 people tried to purchasing a bottle of body wash, Amazon is out $2250 (150 people x $15 card each). And why do they do this?

Because they know how to turn a profit! They know how to take responsibility, even though it truly wasnt theirs to begin with. They know the process of customer retention is a LOT easier than customer acquisition (unless they can do it in both cases, like with me posting this blog!)

I absolutely love Amazon, and always have. I will never stray from them so long as they keep their policies the way they are, and offer such incredible services like their Amazon Prime (you get free 2 day shipping on ANYTHING sold via Amazon on their website, and you can invite 4 friends to use your Prime account FOR FREE!)

Thanks Amazon! Gonna buy some books for my Kindle now!

If you have a great customer service example to share, I'd love to hear it! Leave me a comment!


I like to think I’m kinda like Bob Villa

I used to love watching home improvement shows, specifically Bob Villas, when I was around 15 years old. I like to think that one day, maybe, all of that knowledge on how to set hardwood floors and restore joists will be of use for me.

I also like to think that I put some of my skill learned from him into identifying a problem and solving it.

The problem I have, is that I planted cucumbers in my Earth Box my dad sent me a week ago. They are doing well and had started to climb up my railing on my patio... Thats not bad, per say, but its not good either. The issue with this, is if and when I go to harvest the cucumbers, I cannot pull the box away from the railing to get better access since the railing is fixed.

My solution? Design a 'fence' and let them climb that.

I designed up a sketch at the office using PVC and chicken wire, and put it into production today. Aside from having a few (like, 5) extra parts and not enough PVC (missing a foot for a stability leg on center post), it went together really well!

Here are some pictures... its hard to tell the cucumbers up fornt from the okra in the back since they are both short... Eventually, hopefully, the difference will be made obvious.

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Look at dem der wheels!

2010 Infiniti G37 Journey Sedan

  • Color:
    • Exterior: Graphite Shadow
    • Interior: Graphite Leather / Maple Accents
  • Specifications
    • Premium Package:
      • Sunroof
      • Bose Premium Sound w/ 10 speakers (includes subs in front doors)
      • Rear Sonar System
    • Navigation Package:
      • Touch screen navigation system w/ integrated XM radio & live weather and traffic
      • Voice recognition
      • DVD playback while parked
    • Horse power: 328 @ 7000 RPM
    • Torque: 269 lb-ft  @ 5200 RPM
  • Time at #1 on dream car list: 4 years
  • Level of happiness (scaled 1 to 10):  

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Some new pictures of my patio garden

Cherry tomato close up

So, my dad is pretty cool in that he will listen to what you're saying and then quietly surprise you with some sort of gift at times that directly relate to your stories.

Well, this time, I think he misheard my stories from telling how much produce I am growing to maybe how I wish I was growing a bunch hah. I was greeted by a giant box containing an Earthbox, their site found here. I went and bought some seedlings of okra (two) and cucumbers (three) and rearranged some stuff.

Now, I've got okra, cucumbers, garlic chives (three), broccoli (two), cherry tomatoes and brandywine tomatoes. Should be a good harvest once everything is done!

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Mead for noobs (honeywine for supernoobs)

I want to make my own beer. I do not drink. However, I still want to make my own beer. The fall back is the initial setup I want is around $160, then the cost of ingredients at another $40. Ultimately, I'm starting a savings plan to let me buy all the stuff in a few months. Meanwhile? I'm making some mead!


A buddy at work talked about starting his own a few months ago, and in my recent sporadic decision of home brewing, suggested I start some mead since its cheap, and has to age for a several months, anyway. Sooooo, I did. I accompanied him to a home brew store up in Gwinnett and bought a 3 gallon carboy, a stopper, and an airlock. Then off to walmart I went to buy ingredients for an ancient orange mead recipe he gave me from here .


Ultimately, you need a jug (at least one gallon), 3.5 # of honey (pure), 25 raisins (yeast food), bread yeast, two large oranges, spring water, stick of cinnamon, some cloves, optional nutmeg and allspice, and time.


The below picture is not the water I used, as I went and bought spring water instead, and this is the ingredients used for a two gallon batch vs one gallon).


Fill the jug with a half gallon of spring water, heat some honey up in boiling water (in the jar ) to make it runny, and pour into the water. Add the raisins, the orange (I zested then peeled and threw orange pieces in to remove the pith), spices, and top off with water to the 1 gallon mark of your jug. Shake it vigorously for 5 minutes if you can to mix all items, and once its cooled to 70-80 degrees, add the yeast and give it a swirl. Install your airlock, and wait patiently for it to brew!

I made two types here... On the left, is my blueberry vanilla orange-honey mead. Its literally a handful of blueberries (some squished to release extra flavor), a whole vanilla bean, 3/4 an orange, and 3.5# honey all added to a one gallon jug (literally, the water jug the water came in). My airlock on this is a balloon with a hole poked in the top to release gas as it builds up, but keep contaminents out.

On the right, is my Joes Ancient Orange Mead (aka, JAOM). The ingredients are the same as above mentioned, except everything is doubled except the yeast and cloves.


Here is a shot of the JAOM looking into my 3 gallon carboy. All the yummy ingredients floating on top. Eventually, everything will sink to the bottom of the jug and the mead will become crystal clear. At this point you siphon it out into clean bottles and store/serve/enjoy!


This is a side shot of my JAOM on day 1. I'll post up pictures later as it goes through the stages.


Honestly, if you have $20 and wanna try making some of your own alcohol, give this a whirl. It will produce at a minimum of 4 wine bottles full of alcohol to enjoy. Let me know, I'll help ya go through the steps (assuming I did it right myself!)

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