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Hello, world!

I got a comment in my email today from my buddy Zach Jumbalaya whos down in South America conquering it like our ancient Eastern European ancestors would approve of -- minus the sex fest, booze cruises, and pillaging. Its my story -- I'll tell it how I want!


Check out his TravelPod here... You can read about his journey and see some pretty incredible pics. One of my favorite lines, which is from his most recent writing is

"With all the doomsay we see in the news, with all the natural disasters, with all the political strif over universal heath care, I can think of no better way to combat cynicism then to go head first into the world. I am daily reminded that while problems exsist, so does a lot of goodness. I guess what I'm trying to say is, LIFE IS GOOD AND I LOVE IT."


Anyway... it made me think of how I have a visitor log and map and decided to check it out just to check his story, and make sure hes not really up in say Virginia just pretending to be in South America ;)


So heres my map... For whatever reason, I've had 71 visitors in the ~15 days since I install my blog, even though I've only been using it actively for maybe 7 now. The cool part? I had some random dude/ette from Moscow check my blog out!


Click the image and it'll open up bigger, but I added some text captions on the dots so you can know where places (if you hover mouse on icon on my screen, they pop up). The Tarlac is most likely a Customer Service Rep from the company I work for, since our call center is in Tarlac, Philippines. Either way, HEY TARMAC, HEY RUSSIA!

Hello, world!


“Its like a fat lady sitting on your face while you sleep!” – brother

So fortunate for me, it seems I have sleep apnea!

I completed my second part my sleep study/CPAP testing last night with Emory. All in all... not too bad. Would I tell you to run out and do it, give it a whirl? Absolutely not. While its not EXACTLY as bad as 'a fat lady sitting on your face while you sleep" its more like a young child that you are babysitting. You have fun learning the way it works, getting to know it, spending a little time with it, but once it starts pushing on your face for a while you want to beat it!

The staff that I had at the sleep center for both studies were always exceptional. The facilities are good -- I mean, its no Hilton, but I've stayed in worse Motel 8s when my company decided to spend $100 on a 2-star hotel in the absolute ghetto of West Palm Beach for me.


So heres the process... You arrive at the facility and get taken to your room. At that point, you get some paper work to fill out and told to change into you jammies (think they would have let me wear some Powerranger onesie jammies?). They then come in and get you all wired up with the seemingly tangled jumble of wires to monitor muscle movements in face, legs, probably arms but I missed it, and heartrate points, probably my genetic makeup -- probably even have wires to find out what lottery numbers I play, so that they can develop algorithms to find that winning ticket!


At one point in the 'hooking up' (thinking about it, its ALMOST like I was getting to play as an Avatar, except not) they bring in a spread of facemasks. I was honestly surprised to find that most of them were not that uncomfortable. Not great, but passable. There are, though, a few that feel pretty good ... in terms of a small child sitting on your face and squishing parts. So there you are... sitting in a chair in your jammies with more or less a stranger, getting wired up to all your extremes, and pushing every type of mask with air pumping through it up to your nose -- this should seriously be more of a Friday or Saturday night 'date', not a weekday -- maybe it'd have that special feel of a date!


I felt I should take a picture trying masks while gettin wired up

Masks Small Children:

I decided to sleep with this mask. It worked pretty well, as I ran it through rigorous face tests. These pretty much consisted of putting the mask on (probably when I wasnt supposed to, but I was left unattended with air tubes, masks, and elastic headstraps ... what else would you expect from me?!!?). I would then move them around randomly to 'simulate' my sleep pattern like that of a convulsing baby chimpanzee. I'm willing to bet I dont thrash around... but I definitely roll around a lot. Ok fine... no chimpanzee... an adolescent rollypoly learning the forward tuck-and-roll.


This is another option I put as my 2nd choice, but I never made it to using it while sleeping. It more or less passed my thrash tests, though with the headgear on it didnt feel too good on my nose. As you can see, I was pretty damn excited to take a picture while pushing it into my nose!


Anyway... its all done and over with and the sleep went pretty well. I did wake up some, at one point what seemed like 30 minutes at least of laying there on my back thinking that this is soooooo not for me. Last time I had to come home, shower, and get back in bed for 3 hours. This time? I showered and decided to head into work. So maybe there is room for improvement in my sleep with a CPAP.


Who knows. I cant afford the $2000 setup anyway. Time to save up with allocations in my budget! GO DAVE RAMSEY!

Good night ... and good luck.


Noodle – Midtown, Atlanta, GA

Everything came out surprisingly quick considering how busy they were (every table full). The service wasnt as good as normal; it didnt seem like they were really with it.


I ordered the Jung Bean Soup due to the praise of a persons recent review on US. Fortunately, it was really good! The broth and seafood were the highlights for me, as I'm not a huge fan of the thicker noodles like lo mein. The seafood as great, seemed fresh, though the squid was possibly a little overcooked. I have appreciation for the spice that accompanies it, as well.



The person with me ordered the fried rice with allĀ  ingredients sub tofu -- same as she always gets. When asked how it was, she simply said "good, like normal." I tried some, and could personally use a little bit more (if there was any?) sesame oil. In my opinion, that gives it a little bit more of a slick feel with a great taste.



My original vote of 7.5/10 for Noodle stands -- they can consistently deliver acceptable food, though lack on price advantage and incredible service. GET SOME!

Noodle on Urbanspoon



!??!! ME?!?!?!


So... I was given a deadline by the bossman (aka, the brosef) of this coming Friday, on a lot of stuff in the platform of task/process management that I run at my company. I should include the amount of work, while not hard, is still time consuming and VERY long-drawn.


Normally, not a problem. Lately? Big problem. I've been covering responsibilities for another job on top of mine -- good and fine, just lots of frustration work at times.


So, to get this done... I had an ace up my sleeve, thanks to pops. Even though I said I'd pass on a gift, he still mailed me a pair of Bose Quietcomfort 15 Over-the-Ear noise canceling headphones.


Whats that mean?


It means I'm rocking the hell out to some Daft Punk, maybe some Miley Cyrus! Whatever I want to rock out to, I'm a grown ass man! So talk on all you porceilan palace colleagues! I cant hear youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ..... Go ahead, ask me again. Nope, I can't hear you now, either!


Party on, Garth.


Thailand is only two weeks away!

Wow... talk about getting excited! Thailand is but a mere two weeks away!


I got some pretty cool stuff for my trip, that I think will prove to be useful:

  • REI Flash 18 DaypackVibram Five Fingers Sprint shoe
  • Vibram Five Fingers Sprint shoes
  • Good bit of linen clothing
  • Some Under Armour
  • Polarized Ray Ban sunglasses

    So far, I've spent a little more than I was planning on... but seriously, it was stuff I wanted needed wanted! :)


    On a brighter note, all my expenses for Thailand are more or less paid! We've booked our hotels for Bangkok and for Chiang Mai, so all thats left are a few odd and end nights, as well as our stay in Koh Samet Island with my buddy.


    Check back for more later!


    Hello world, I’m Chris!

    So in efforts of trying to combine previous webpages of mine for gallerys... personal... files... blah blah blah... I've decided to start up a WordPress Blog. The use of this blog will be primarily for my travel updates/photos and my foodie reviews ... and the combination of them both!


    I hope, as time goes on, this blog offers some relief AND release to people, as well as give me a place to say what I want, when I want, and how I want!


    See you on the flipside.

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