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Been a while, ya?

Boars Head

I've been wanting to update my blog for a while, but honestly, I've been too lazy. However! Today presented a perfect opportunity to share a story with you all that I think now is funny, but was really uncomfortable for me when it happened earlier.

So, as almost all of you know, there is very little that will make me uncomfortable, especially when talking with a complete stranger. That being said, I have to honestly say that never would I imagine the time for being so uncomfortable would present itself at the deli counter at Publix Supermarket.

See, I was running low on my proteins, so I went in to pick up some fresh cuts, eggs, fish and some salad.

I feel that when I say that my response to "how would you like your turkey?" to be "um... I don't know, sliced?" would be pretty regular for any of us. I mean, what kind of response do they want? Oh, please set your dial to a #3 please?

So after deciding that I should follow up my above response with something more guiding, like say, not thick but not shaved, I then proceeded to wait.

Up walks a lady, I don't know, in maybe her 50s? She instructs the young kid to slice it thin, but thicker than normal since she likes to roll the meat up and eat it.

She kind of looks at me and trying to just pass time I suggest: It's hard to ever really know what to say to them to that question huh...

She kinda smiles in agreement and took a few steps out of my vision, then all of a sudden BAM right back up near me! Thinking nothing of it, I look over to her and she's smiling and her delayed response:

"I always say, a little thicker than normal is a good thing, right?" *devilish smile*

My response was as follows:

I then proceeded to defend off all further delay thru means of question the evil delicatessen man asked me, refusing to take no to my answer of not wanting any cheeseeeeee!

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