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Where is the line, and who’s to say when it has been crossed?

There are so many situations that depending upon age will strike different responses and opinions from people of all walks.

When we interact with children, certain traits and personality flaws are acceptable, whereas when an individual grows older the same scenarios prove to be socially unacceptable and frowned upon.

When we interact with adults we expect certain reservations and principals to be maintained and held as true -- things such as manners, professionalism, respect.

When we view the news, movies, books and any form of visual media (Facebook, flickr, magazines) and we see images we are affected in either a positive or negative way. One that will draw out happy emotions and memories, or perhaps a sneer or a gawk toward whatever we may see.











So many images strike memories and happiness within us -- pictures that seem like so many people in todays age have seen. Example:

But where is the line get drawn between a beautiful passionate moment caught in time between two absolute strangers versus a relatable time caught between two people you may know and interact with? For what reason, for the lack of better words, does a kiss become offensive and frowned upon? Become an act that should be hidden from the world and not shared?

Lest I digress...

As a culture, for the most part, we thirst for romance and affection. We seek it out as a group within movies, songs, books and whatever other various form of entertainment we can find. We love to see movies that leave us in tears as the hero sweeps his maiden off her feet with acts of love and words that should echo through time of his declaration of heart. Yet where does the line draw, again, between a fictitious presentation in comparison to someone we may know?

We what point can we simply condemn and approach others we know on how wrong it is to announce to our peers the love and emotion we feel towards another individual? In what difference, is my calling of adoration towards my girlfriend shameful and inappropriate, yet if I were to raise thanks and love to God and Jesus it would be fine? Sure, they ARE God and Jesus, but does that mean my love for my girlfriend is any less or irrelevant?

Should we truly cast judgement upon a pair of individuals for professing what is apparently supposed to be an inner secret? Why must we only be able to love God and raise to him praise and announcements, but sit with shame or cowardice of fear of the opinion of our peers, simply for how we feel? Understandably, people should not fill their lives with stories and comments about "oh my girlfriend" or constantly filling the air with empty bouts of affection. But if a moment is truly special, and a heartfelt sentiment is lifted, then who are we to judge and approach each other to remain silent as its to "mushy gushy" and inappropriate?

Excuse my post for rambling perhaps, but I'll never ask for you to forgive me for raising my love and adoration for neither my girlfriend, nor my Father.

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