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Eat. Pray. Love. – “To lose yourself in the balance…”

"To lose yourself in the balance ... of love, is to find your balance in life"

This movie was good -- if you have a lot of estrogen. To be one of the few straight dudes, with other straight dudes, is not really the movie to go to.

The movie was good, though. Cute. Occasional humour. Lots of women 'awing'. Lots of sniffles. Lots of sappy parts.

While thinking of how to compare this movie to others and familiar books or movies, I came up with this... It's not the same as say The Proposal or The Ugly Truth -- the quick pace, the level of humor and the situations are not there.

Its more like, you are younger and you got dragged to your grandparents and your grandmother spent the afternoon telling her the story of her midlife crisis when she was 40 -- theres a lot of great stuff, theres a lot of filler, and theres a surprising bit of hints to an overall message -- live, laugh, and love.

Another comparison would be like that of "Dork Whore" by Iris Bahr, sans drugs, sexcapades, and desperate attempt to lose the sacred flower and find self-enlightment be it through group relations or individualism.

I am comfortable in saying that this movie will prove to be one of the top chick flicks, one of the top go to movies. Maybe not entirely because of the movie itself, but because of the crowd from the book -- like that whole Twilight craze.

One of the things I most, I wouldnt say appreciate but relate to, would be a line where a gentleman says "ever notice that when at someones wedding, you find yourself thinking about you?" Think about it -- its true. At least, I can relate? I go to a wedding, and I think about my life. I think about where she you are.

I also can't help but think during these movies how bad ass it would be to have my own musical score to my life. If I, or anyone, had music playing in the background our lives would seem so much more 'perfect' and probably even important -- I mean, people buy soundtracks to movies because those songs then draw up emotion and situations/fantasies that relate the movie to your life.

Whens the last time someone went and bought one of your mixtapes?

Having wrote this, I'd say see it (ladies). Men, go with ladies. This isnt a 'go by yourself' movie.

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