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Amazon: The way a company SHOULD be run!

It's easy for me to get super excited about something that I find really interesting or outstandingly different and unique. For example, I'm a movie studios best friend because if you're movie was good, I will toot its horn all over the place. Another would be say Zappos and their prompt and incredible customer service. However, I honestly think that overall, Amazon is still my #1 company in terms of customer service and customer experience.

A few weeks ago I tried to order 8 bottles of Philosophy body wash for gifts for Christmas because they were on sale for an incredible price ($4 for a 16oz bottle, which is pretty awesome). However, shortly after ordering, the company, Philosophy, changed the product page to display it was for a 3oz bottle instead of a 16oz bottle -- this changes everything: I do not want them anymore.

Easy enough, I email Philosophy to cancel the order and they reply with very unprofessional wording and absolutely no punctuation a message letting me know the orders were automatically canceled, see the following:

dear valued customer,

as part of philosophy's quality process, we verify certain aspects of outgoing orders. during that verification, it came to our attention that the price you were quoted for double rich hot cocoa shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath was incorrectly noted on the web site.

due to this inaccuracy, we unfortunately had to cancel orders that included this item as we currently do not have the pictured 16 oz double rich hot cocoa shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath in stock.  your payment method will not be charged for this order, and any pending hold on your account will be released in accordance with your financial institution's purchase policy.

while uncommon, inaccurate pricing does occur from time to time with our retail partners. we apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to serving you beautifully in the future.

best regards,

The funny part about this email, aside from how its presented, is it was sent to me 75 times! Thats fine, my card wasnt charged, I'm happy. I forgot about it.

Amazon, however, they did not. Today I receive this email:


We're writing about your recent Philosophy order and the multiple e-mails you received as a result of its cancelation. This was an error on our part, and we're very sorry for any inconvenience it may've caused.

We'd like to make this right and offer you a $15 gift card good for a future purchase on You'll find the claim code and details below.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Customer Service Department

Please note: this e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

How awesome is that?! A $15 gift card, just because Philosophy emailed me 75 times to let me know my order was canceled! Honestly, I thought it was more humorous than annoying since GMail rocks and collapsed them all into two groups, see the following (they look really small, but click one of the two pictures to see):

I feel bad, however, for Amazon because this was not their fault, at all. This was an item listed on THEIR website by Philosophy, that I'm certain HUNDREDS of people tried to take advantage of (I found it off, so if you figure say 150 people tried to purchasing a bottle of body wash, Amazon is out $2250 (150 people x $15 card each). And why do they do this?

Because they know how to turn a profit! They know how to take responsibility, even though it truly wasnt theirs to begin with. They know the process of customer retention is a LOT easier than customer acquisition (unless they can do it in both cases, like with me posting this blog!)

I absolutely love Amazon, and always have. I will never stray from them so long as they keep their policies the way they are, and offer such incredible services like their Amazon Prime (you get free 2 day shipping on ANYTHING sold via Amazon on their website, and you can invite 4 friends to use your Prime account FOR FREE!)

Thanks Amazon! Gonna buy some books for my Kindle now!

If you have a great customer service example to share, I'd love to hear it! Leave me a comment!

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