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Asian Says-ME Broccoli Trees Pleaseeeeeeeee

Asian Broccoli Trees NOM NOM NOM

Enjoy broccoli? Enjoy Asian type food? Enjoy sesame oil (can you distinguish it on your pallet?!). This, you will love ... I hope!

What you'll need:

  • Broccoli -- up to you, more is almost always better in regards to EVERYTHING
  • Sesame seeds (this is more for fun and looks, but not required like having broccoli is)
  • Sesame oil (this one IS required and so so so so important and awesome)
  • Soy sauce (again, required)
  • Your favorite seasonings (I like Sriracha hot sauce (not pictured), garlic and onion powder, salt/pepper, red pepper flakes

Next you will want to fill your pot with some water and add your broccoli (mine is frozen and this guide is written as such -- if yours is not, you probably want to leave out until water is almost boiling, add and check it after a few minutes. Just dont overcook it... no one likes soggy broccoli).




The moment your broccoli starts making tiny broccoli brubbles it's done -- this is NOT the same as boiling so don't over do it! Drain your broccoli QUICKKKKK!! 



Now... See? Nice and green ... and all excess water goneeeeeee! FOREVER!





Next up... Put in pan (this is so easy right?!?!?!)!!! Now, top with all your favorite spices, hot sauces, etc and add a healthy amount of soy sauce and sesame oil. Don't be too shy on this but don't go overboard... You can always add more, but I'm not really sure how to rinse the oils off the broccoli to start over... That could be a good update for the future though, maybe?




Now toss! Just be careful you dont fling everything all over... Give it a taste and if its delicious, great! You're pretty much done! If not, keep on adding spices and sauces! Again, we're going for an Asian flare, not a bland my-mom-can't-cook taste (no offense mom, but seriously you're steamed broccoli was pretty awful ... especially compared to this!) Now, plate it!

And of course, my favorite part? NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!


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