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That’s some tasty s’ghetti squash

Oh. my. god!

Earlier this week a buddy of mine at work (Ray) brought in some spaghetti squash him and his wife made for dinner -- I was shocked that the squash didnt taste like absolute crap poop -- not a big fan of squash.

I decided I wanted to try making some, so he sent me the recipe and heres my rendition. Give it a whirl, its good.

Recipe: Spaghetti Squash Veggie Disco Dance

Nutritional facts (estimated): ~190 calories, 12g fat, 22g cholesterol

Here's your tasty parts you'll need:

  • 1 s'ghetti squash
  • 1 onion minced
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1 large tomato chopped
  • Some chopped up shroomies
  • Some black olives cut in half
  • Your fav crumbled cheese (I went with bluecheese cuz it puts hair on my chest)
  • Some fresh basil if ya got it, dried otherwise
  • Chopped up bell peppers (your choice)
  • Some of your fav tasty powder (seasonings, duh) -- I used Tony Chacheres original creole
  • Some sausage or ground beef
  • Some veggie oil (for the veggiesssssss)

Heres how to twirk those tasty parts:

  • Cut s'ghetti squash down the middle length wise

  • Grease bakin pan, put cut sides down after cleaning and bake for ~30mins at 350 degrees (until you can stick a knife in without too much resistance
  • Meanwhile, get on with choppin your veggies up starting with onion
  • Cook chopped onion in oil over medium until its soft
  • While onion cooks, chop up all your veggies you decided to incorporate into your tasty medly

  • Toss all veggies in but tomato, basil, and cheese
  • Once all veggies have softened, add in tomatos and season to taste and set aside

  • Soon your s'ghetti squash will finish, so take out of oven when done
  • Let cool, once its cool enough to handle, scrape insides out into a bowl or container (get it all! clean'er out!)

  • Once gutted all s'ghetti, toss into veggies and mix well
    • This is the point I for some reason forgot to take more pictures :\
  • Add in your cheese, olives, pre-cooked meat, and basil

  • Check seasonin again, and dig in!
Of course, I had to grab the biggest "crumble" of blue cheese and show you how excited I was to eat it .... mmmm

  • At this point, since I not only forgot to take pictures of final product, I also forgot to cook the turkey sausage I bought and incorporate in. My remedy? I cooked it after, duh. I'll serve on side and slice up and just mix in... but still, heres pics, cuz you love pics. I know you do. Hell, I dont care if you dont, I LOVE PICS, and this is my blog.

Update: I took a picture with my iPhone at work during lunch of the finished meal -- here ya go!

Cooking time (duration): 1 hour

Diet type: Vegetarian

Diet (other): Low calorie

Number of servings (yield): 6

Meal type: dinner

My rating:  ★★★★☆

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The Other Guys – “I’m a peacock! JUST LET ME FLY!”


This evening I was fortunate enough, after much hard work and effort, able to catch the advanced screening for the new Will Ferrell movie -- which honestly, since seeing the first trailer (found here) for, I have been highly anticipating.

Surprisingly the line was not that large when we (Tyler and myself) arrived. Nonetheless, the moment the doors opened, I was all business regarding the viewing.

The movie opened and laughs were to be had within minutes to an overly dramatic car chase involving Duane "The Rock" Johnson and Samuel Jackson, and from that moment on the movie delivered (well, mostly...)

Don't act like you're not impressed!

The cast was surprising in that you saw a lot of faces from both current movies and older nostalgic films -- Batman was even there (Michael Keaton)! Hands down, as always, the best presence award must be given to Eva Mendes.

Without diving too much into the story line, the movie was definitely a success in regards to the prior installments of Ferrells deliveries. Would I cast it as his best film yet? I'm not entirely sure -- though it does provide a good fight for a top spot. Honestly, I'm unable to say which movie is indeed the best.

Probably some of the best parts of the movie were the under toning and exaggeration of emotion and action sequences throughout the film -- oh, forewarning, there is profanity though not excessive, so no youngsters if you're not fond of your babies hearing them fun grownup words to say (like fuck!).

More importantly, as was my main concern and I'm sure many other Ferrell skeptics fans, he was not completely typecast as his typical self, though his quirky ways are the basis of his character. It's been said many times that Ferrell just does not have the capability to headline a movie on his own and as the main squeeze, and honestly, I have to tend to agree. If you take some time to think about his most praised roles, its normally a split-screen duo (Talladega Nights, Step Brothers, Night at the Roxbury), or even as a "more or less" supporting character (Old School, Wedding Crashers). Granted, he does a great job leading the show in Anchorman and Elf -- and his unfortunate roles in Kicking & Screaming and Land of the Lost.

If you hate to laugh and dont enjoy getting to be separated from your mundane job and what not, then definitely do not go see this movie.

If you enjoy laughing, and want to get away from your kids/roommates/parents then I would definitely suggest checking out the film -- if you don't like it, well, thats not my problem


“Ooooo, Yeah! Burger” – Macho Man

Burger goodddddddddd

It's been a while since I've written any sort of reviews on food, so its a little relieving that the first from my hiatus is a pretty positive one -- and for that, I can thank the tastegasm I was given by Yeah! Burger off Howell Mill.

Yeah! Burger opened up two blocks from my loft several months ago, and I have only now made my way there to try it out.

This evening I spent a bit of time being foiled at every attempt of grabbing a bite to eat (tried 3 different places and was turned away from all). Finally, with no where else I had to look (interested, anyways) I pulled up to Yeah! Burger and parked my ride in the 15 minute TOGO parking, and figured perfect -- no one wants to be that guy that eats at a place alone.

I headed right for the TOGO and Drinks counter and grabbed a menu and dove in head first instantly giving my order -- which was a bison burger, on white roll (out of wheat), with lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, grilled vidalia onions, pepper jack cheese, and their bacon jam sauce.

My creation was mostly me, partly aide. My original order called for nitrate-free bacon and a mayo sauce, but she recommended I void the bacon and sub the sauce for their bacon jam -- some kind of reduced vinegar molasses bacon concoction -- I dont know, I heard bacon and I was all in -- oh, and I got an order of their buttermilk Vidalia onion rings based on recommendations from other reviews on Urbanspoon.

I then sat down after payin ($13.35 + $2.00 for tip) and waited. This was where I had my only issue with the place -- it was a bit of a cluster. I pulled in around 8:45 and they close at 9, and people were stil there ordering food at the normal counter. Everyone seemed burnt out and ready to go, and the food line (which had a fryer, a person that portioned fries/rings, a line boss, two people on grill and a topper guy) all worked together in what seemed the opposite of unison. I did notice the food runners check every individual order and have everything fixed, to their best effort, before taking the food out -- this is probably a huge save for them.

Anyway, I got my food and hit the door to head home and gobble up my food while enjoying the first evening of the 2010 Shark Week!

All in all, I was happy with the food! The onion rings were the thin cut, but I prefer the big hefty variety. The burger was tasty, messy, and tasty! I ate every last bit, and plan on returning and trying another burger with different combination (mainly the sauce).

Final verdict: Very pleased with my meal -- and it was cheaper for what you would get at Flip (have I mentioned that place is a damn rip?)

Yeah! Burger on Urbanspoon


I like to think I’m kinda like Bob Villa

I used to love watching home improvement shows, specifically Bob Villas, when I was around 15 years old. I like to think that one day, maybe, all of that knowledge on how to set hardwood floors and restore joists will be of use for me.

I also like to think that I put some of my skill learned from him into identifying a problem and solving it.

The problem I have, is that I planted cucumbers in my Earth Box my dad sent me a week ago. They are doing well and had started to climb up my railing on my patio... Thats not bad, per say, but its not good either. The issue with this, is if and when I go to harvest the cucumbers, I cannot pull the box away from the railing to get better access since the railing is fixed.

My solution? Design a 'fence' and let them climb that.

I designed up a sketch at the office using PVC and chicken wire, and put it into production today. Aside from having a few (like, 5) extra parts and not enough PVC (missing a foot for a stability leg on center post), it went together really well!

Here are some pictures... its hard to tell the cucumbers up fornt from the okra in the back since they are both short... Eventually, hopefully, the difference will be made obvious.

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Look at dem der wheels!

2010 Infiniti G37 Journey Sedan

  • Color:
    • Exterior: Graphite Shadow
    • Interior: Graphite Leather / Maple Accents
  • Specifications
    • Premium Package:
      • Sunroof
      • Bose Premium Sound w/ 10 speakers (includes subs in front doors)
      • Rear Sonar System
    • Navigation Package:
      • Touch screen navigation system w/ integrated XM radio & live weather and traffic
      • Voice recognition
      • DVD playback while parked
    • Horse power: 328 @ 7000 RPM
    • Torque: 269 lb-ft  @ 5200 RPM
  • Time at #1 on dream car list: 4 years
  • Level of happiness (scaled 1 to 10):  
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Some new pictures of my patio garden

Cherry tomato close up

So, my dad is pretty cool in that he will listen to what you're saying and then quietly surprise you with some sort of gift at times that directly relate to your stories.

Well, this time, I think he misheard my stories from telling how much produce I am growing to maybe how I wish I was growing a bunch hah. I was greeted by a giant box containing an Earthbox, their site found here. I went and bought some seedlings of okra (two) and cucumbers (three) and rearranged some stuff.

Now, I've got okra, cucumbers, garlic chives (three), broccoli (two), cherry tomatoes and brandywine tomatoes. Should be a good harvest once everything is done!

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Mead for noobs (honeywine for supernoobs)

I want to make my own beer. I do not drink. However, I still want to make my own beer. The fall back is the initial setup I want is around $160, then the cost of ingredients at another $40. Ultimately, I'm starting a savings plan to let me buy all the stuff in a few months. Meanwhile? I'm making some mead!


A buddy at work talked about starting his own a few months ago, and in my recent sporadic decision of home brewing, suggested I start some mead since its cheap, and has to age for a several months, anyway. Sooooo, I did. I accompanied him to a home brew store up in Gwinnett and bought a 3 gallon carboy, a stopper, and an airlock. Then off to walmart I went to buy ingredients for an ancient orange mead recipe he gave me from here .


Ultimately, you need a jug (at least one gallon), 3.5 # of honey (pure), 25 raisins (yeast food), bread yeast, two large oranges, spring water, stick of cinnamon, some cloves, optional nutmeg and allspice, and time.


The below picture is not the water I used, as I went and bought spring water instead, and this is the ingredients used for a two gallon batch vs one gallon).


Fill the jug with a half gallon of spring water, heat some honey up in boiling water (in the jar ) to make it runny, and pour into the water. Add the raisins, the orange (I zested then peeled and threw orange pieces in to remove the pith), spices, and top off with water to the 1 gallon mark of your jug. Shake it vigorously for 5 minutes if you can to mix all items, and once its cooled to 70-80 degrees, add the yeast and give it a swirl. Install your airlock, and wait patiently for it to brew!

I made two types here... On the left, is my blueberry vanilla orange-honey mead. Its literally a handful of blueberries (some squished to release extra flavor), a whole vanilla bean, 3/4 an orange, and 3.5# honey all added to a one gallon jug (literally, the water jug the water came in). My airlock on this is a balloon with a hole poked in the top to release gas as it builds up, but keep contaminents out.

On the right, is my Joes Ancient Orange Mead (aka, JAOM). The ingredients are the same as above mentioned, except everything is doubled except the yeast and cloves.


Here is a shot of the JAOM looking into my 3 gallon carboy. All the yummy ingredients floating on top. Eventually, everything will sink to the bottom of the jug and the mead will become crystal clear. At this point you siphon it out into clean bottles and store/serve/enjoy!


This is a side shot of my JAOM on day 1. I'll post up pictures later as it goes through the stages.


Honestly, if you have $20 and wanna try making some of your own alcohol, give this a whirl. It will produce at a minimum of 4 wine bottles full of alcohol to enjoy. Let me know, I'll help ya go through the steps (assuming I did it right myself!)

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Oh you sweet succulent fragrance of vanilla, how you fill my life!

Vanilla beans in a bag

Seriously... who doesn't like the smell of vanilla. I'm sure even Jeffrey Dahmer has the same appreciation for vanilla as Betty White -- hell, I'll go as far as Betty Crocker! Tangent -- Betty White is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend with Jay-Z --- whattttttt? Awesome.

So back to the main focal point of this entry. Vanilla! More specific, vanilla extract!

Are you ever stuck wondering what to get your mother for Christmas -- that same mother that you buy spa gift certificates for, but doesnt use them? Whos that same mom that would always make you give her a foot massage during X-Files or a back massage? How about the father that as soon as he sees something on any infomercial he has already ordered it on the phone or the internet before the first airing of the commercial is finished? It's hard. No, its damn near impossible. You're stuck poking and prodding for that hint of what might be useful, and until recently for my father, my little brother and sister were about as useless as asking a bag of sugar what to get him as a gift (hey, they were young and focus their life on video games and whether or not to eat that juicy booger or not!).

So here I am. 25 and single. Nothin goin on but a small loft in Atlanta and a couple of cats. I mean, if I wanted to add to that another level of lameness, why not MAKE MY OWN VANILLA. Well, I'm going there. It gives me something to spend 5 minutes a day on -- kind of like how I can now watch the tomatoes, peppers, garlic chives and broccoliiiiiiiiiiiiii I planted grow from seeds!

Thus, I proceeded with the grueling task of internet research on how to make my own vanilla extract -- alright, that was sarcasm. I found two reviews on how to do it and figured I had the gist, and it was time to start my adventure.

Essentially... this is what you need:

  1. A knife - paring or razor. Something sharp, people!
  2. A butter knife, or back of your paring knife
  3. Cutting surface (something you can wash)
  4. A bottle of booze! Vodka... brandy... Quality doesnt matter, apparently. Your store bought extract is booze, fyi. 40% by volume (80 proof)
  5. Maybe some empty beer bottles you can reseal, or some wine bottles. Easiest way, buy a few half pints or pints of alcohol and put the beans directly in the bottle!
  6. Vanilla beans (raw, unprocessed, organic or not is up to you (even though organic is a crock) For every pint of alcohol, you need ~30 beans (.1# worth, but more the merrier)
  7. 1-6 months of mild attention (aka, dont forget its in the cupboard!)

Pretty simple... right? Wait til I describe and show you what to do... its sad.

So... when I help people on the phone with their computers, I always start with this: DO NOT THINK FOR YOURSELF! DO EXACTLY, TYPE EXACTLY, AND CLICK EXACTLY WHERE I SAY! -- They agree, but they never do. I should have them sign a contract and when they break it I can charge them double for wasting double my time. So ya... See above for rule: DO NOT THINK FOR YOURSELF! DO EXACTLY, TYPE EXACTLY, AND CLICK DO EXACTLY WHERE I SAY!

How to make vanilla extract (according to multiple websites, since mine arent done yet):

  • You need to gather a cutting surface and the rest of your ingredients

  • Start by taking each bean and slicing longways down the bean. Now, the trick here (its easy, I promise) is to flip your knife upside down so the blade is facing up. Poke the tip through the skin, and slide it up the bean. It gets super easy as you develop a rhythm. Make sure you do not cut all the way through the bean (this is why you're using the tip of the knife, and holding the bean)

If you enlarge this pic, you'll see all the yummy caviar you get to scrape out. Notice how the bean is 'opened' and not cut 100% of the way through!

  • Once all beans are cut longways 50% through, cut each bean in half! If you over think this and question as to what you're supposed to do, you're an idiot and shouldnt continue...
  • Once beans are cut in half, go to the end of the bean that isnt sliced through (inevitably, most of the time the tips of the beans havent been sliced since you stuck the knife in on one side, and probably didnt make it to the end of the bean all the way. You want to lay on the board, spread the bean by the uncut tip, and slide the back of the paring knife or the back of a butter knife at a 45 degree angle into the meat of the bean. This scrapes out all of the "caviar" (essentially the actual beans from the pod)

This picture is post scrapage, essentially just lift the knife to a 45 degree angle and slide in direction the bean is opened in

  • Set all the caviar to the side in a pile (do not discard!) and continue cleaning out all the beans

  • Once all beans are cleaned, chop into ~1inch pieces
  • At this point, you'll want to dump out some of the alcohol into a glass. Ideally, the glass should be boiled/steamed to clean it so you dont expose bacteria, but, go at it how you wish. The reason for this, is you're about to stick the bean pods and caviar into the bottle, and it WILL overflow if you do not empty some due to displacement.

  • Dont be surprised, as step 7 said, you're now going to the bean pod pieces and caviar into said bottle of alcohol
  • Once most of the bean parts are in, top off with alcohol. You want everything to remain covered or it will dry out!
  • Let it sit...
  • At this point, you're supposed to give a vigorous shaking every day for the first week. Give it a smell -- mmmm
  • Week 2,3, and 4, shake a few times a week now.
  • Week 5 is when you apparently have raw vanilla extract -- albeit extremely raw!
  • Month 2 to 6, shake it whenever you remember
  • At 6 months, they say you are supposed to filter it. Do this with a coffee filter and filter it into a clean glass/bottle
  • Give it away!

Here is my half pint vodka filled with ~.1# of beans

I think this is pretty cool... Vanilla growers tattoo their beans so you can identify them. It looks like discoloring due to bugs or something, but this is the tattoo!

Oh, and save your beans when you pull them out! Let them dry back out, and stick into your bag or sugar, or jar, however you store it. You now have your own vanilla sugar! mmmmmmmmmm

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No time no time no time!

So in my mind I figured I would sit down and write daily into my blog while on my trip in Thailand. That didnt happen -- could have, but it takes too much time to write, add pics, and organize everything to make it aesthetically pleasing. Or rather, it took more time than I wanted to forfeit from our quests here.


So, here I am in Koh Chang. I've been told by so many people how incredible this island is, and how I absolutely have to see it. Well, those people are absolutely retarded. The island is gorgeous, dont get me wrong. The mountains and covering trees give you a feeling like Jack Shepherd will be sprinting from the tree line being chased by the black-smoke-monster --ya, thats a Lost reference for those of you who dont watch.


The beaches are really nice, and the water is super warm -- I'm talking bathwater warm. Almost not refreshing kind of warm. And things are different on beaches here. You dont crowd up on it with a towel and umbrella. In fact, no one really lays on them, except for me and the people with me.


As of this writing, I'm content, with the exception of my sunburn (I wore sunscreen, what gives?!)


The path to contentment took about 24 hours from start to finish, with the entire 24 hour process being a complete joke and leaving an awful taste in my mouth for Thais and Thailand. Heres how it went...


Woke up on the 13th in BEAUTIFUL Chiang Mai at our INCREDIBLE bungalow. Had an early flight, so our host cooked us up our own breakfast really early before taking us to the airport. We get to the airport, hop on our flight to Bangkok and arrive with no issues.


We get off the plane, and need to catch a bus from Bangkok to Chanthaburi. My friend told us that we just go outside of airport terminal, and there will be buses everywhere and just hop on. Well, that doesnt really give the comfort level we want, so we did a lot of research before leaving for Thailand. The first clue, is theres no information online to find regarding times of buses.


So, we go and spend a good bit of time to find the only morning bus already left (at 8:10, we arrived at 9:10). Next bus? 4pm. So we find all our alternatives... Taxi an hour away to a train station (metro train), and hope for a bus from there. Take a taxi TO Chanthaburi. Take a bus/taxi to somewhere else. Ultimately, we wanted to get to Koh Chang or Koh Samet, after visiting my friend. He originally said we can stay with him for a few days, but a few days ago said he doesnt really have room so we'd need to get a place near him. Well, that kinda defeated the purpose. So we decided since we now have to spend on a room, we will just taxi to Koh Chang and get a room there, and he can meet us -- and he agreed.


So, we take our 3500baht taxi ($100) for 4 hours to Trat province. Koh Chang is an island, so you have to ferry. We finally get there, and we need a room. Called a few places friend recommended, theyre full. We talk to a travel agent lady, she calls a bunch of places ... full ... full ... full. Finally, we book one for 9000baht for 2 nights (~200$ US). We are about to get on ferry, and says WAIT WAIT WAIT! Apparently, they called back. Theyre full. They find us one for 5000baht/night, we say no. Finally, we booked some 5 star accomodations with a rock and sand beachfront for 3000baht/night. We get on ferry and are happy and ready to relax.


We cross the water to the island, get off, and having been told that it would be 50baht for 3 people to get a taxi to hotel, we told the waiting taxi ready to leave that we dont want to pay 50 baht PER person. They get super pissed off, yell at their friends in Thai and said probably "screw these Americans! do not take them AT ALL!" We sat there almost 2 hours waiting for a taxi to take us. There were about 10 trucks sitting there, with their drivers at a table playing poker. Finally, Sven from Sveden arrived with 3 Thai women that he met at a club the night before, and was getting ready to leave in a taxi. We asked them why they are keeping us in another taxi, and said to wait that its not full. All kinds of crap and conversation went down between them and a shuttle driver for another resort who was translating, and finally he became uneasy and said he cannot get involved. Ultimately, we ended up paying those asses 100baht/person to get on that taxi (they were trying to get us for 600/baht)


So we arrived finally at our hotel and I say "well, least its nice!" as we get out of the taxi soaking wet due to Songkran. We check in, and are told we cannot go to our room yet cuz the electricity is off. What? No, we're going to our room now. So we do. And the electricity is on. And so is the shittiest surprise ever. We got ripped off. Our 5 star hotel was a dump. Broken furniture, dirty walls, poop-ring toilet, scum and mildew all over bathroom, dirty beds. Did overlook the ROCK beach (no sand). The sad part is the place LOOKED nice on the outside and from the water line, but turned out to be a complete dump.



So, Lisa and I said absolutely not. We left for an internet cafe, since our 5 star hotel failed to have any wireless.


We get on TripAdvisor and start researching. Apparently, most hotels in Koh Chang are ~3 stars. We came to the island in attempt to be pampered and stay at the best accommodations yet. After a few hours research, we decide to pull the trigger on KC Grande Resort for $200/night USD. I was the one booking, and since my credit card got eaten by a machine before leaving, I didnt have my information memorized. So I opted for paypal. Whoops. Instantly, denied for fraud. Well, damn. So I walk back to hotel, grab wallet, and come back. I go to book again with my credit card but am denied by booking website since I already have a request in. So they say contact us 24/7 with livechat. SO I do, FOOLED YOU! They're too busy! Leave a mssage and theyll call us! But no, they cant! Our 5 star hotel has no phone!


So I use vonage to call them. I sit on hold for 15 minutes, then get hung up on because the shitty internet cafe headsets dont work worth a damn. Finally, I book under my sisters name with my credit card vs debit card, and everything is good.


HOME FREE! No, really, we were!


We went back to our crappy hotel, go to bed, wake up, and have breakfast. Which consisted of gross sliced ham, hot dogs, old fruit, cook-to-order eggs, and some porridge. Then we walk to internet cafe, print confirmation page, and hit the beach for the day.


The rest of the day went pretty well, except for that Chris and I got burnt.


Our new hotel is super nice. We have  a few infinity pools, a villa that overlooks the ocean and a pool, and everything works right.


Now, I'm going to relax.



Stop 1/3 DONE – few hiccups.

I write this post with, for the most part, my shoulders high and my anticipation high. I'd be lying if I said today went perfectly, though.


My morning started fine, having had already packed all my stuff and just needing to go out the door.


Airport in Atlanta was good, no issues, even with getting my slash-proof bag through security (went through without even slowin the xray belt down for a better look)!


Yesterday, however, I had some issues. I went to a standalone Wachovia ATM to deposit cash I've been collecting for use in Thailand. I drive off and realized the machine never gave me my card back!! I did a quick u-turn and went back to machine and called up Wachovia. In a borderline panic, the lady on the phone worked a miracle and managed to overnight a new card to my sisters in Los Angeles!


So, here I am, in Los Angeles.


I almost became an all-star by changing our seats on the flight out here to allow an open spot between Chris and myself. Well, one of the LAST PEOPLE on the plane, sat between us. BUMMER! Not bad though, small framed girl that slept the entire time, though nearly with her head perched on my shoulder.


After running some errands and having an AWESOME lunch at  Bay Cities Deli with my sister, I started the hour long [what used to be 5 minute] phone call to Wachovia to activate my new card.


After being hung up on, transferred countless times, I asked for a manager and was connected to check fraud. They then connected me finally to someone that was able to help me... So, issue resolved, but with it was a total headache.


Now I'm sitting here in Los Angeles waitin to take a shower and go to dinner, then off to the airport we go to embark on a 14.5 hour flight, a 2 hour 20 minute layover, and another 4.5 hour flight to our final destination -- THAILAND!


Sleep well... for as you do, I'll be crammed into the coach section of a Boeing 777 :)



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