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Stop 1/3 DONE – few hiccups.

I write this post with, for the most part, my shoulders high and my anticipation high. I'd be lying if I said today went perfectly, though.


My morning started fine, having had already packed all my stuff and just needing to go out the door.


Airport in Atlanta was good, no issues, even with getting my slash-proof bag through security (went through without even slowin the xray belt down for a better look)!


Yesterday, however, I had some issues. I went to a standalone Wachovia ATM to deposit cash I've been collecting for use in Thailand. I drive off and realized the machine never gave me my card back!! I did a quick u-turn and went back to machine and called up Wachovia. In a borderline panic, the lady on the phone worked a miracle and managed to overnight a new card to my sisters in Los Angeles!


So, here I am, in Los Angeles.


I almost became an all-star by changing our seats on the flight out here to allow an open spot between Chris and myself. Well, one of the LAST PEOPLE on the plane, sat between us. BUMMER! Not bad though, small framed girl that slept the entire time, though nearly with her head perched on my shoulder.


After running some errands and having an AWESOME lunch at  Bay Cities Deli with my sister, I started the hour long [what used to be 5 minute] phone call to Wachovia to activate my new card.


After being hung up on, transferred countless times, I asked for a manager and was connected to check fraud. They then connected me finally to someone that was able to help me... So, issue resolved, but with it was a total headache.


Now I'm sitting here in Los Angeles waitin to take a shower and go to dinner, then off to the airport we go to embark on a 14.5 hour flight, a 2 hour 20 minute layover, and another 4.5 hour flight to our final destination -- THAILAND!


Sleep well... for as you do, I'll be crammed into the coach section of a Boeing 777 :)



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