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The Expendables Review – “This shit ain’t Christmas!”

Tonight my faith in movie releases was restored thanks to Sly Stallone and his work with his well-recognized cast of The Expendables.

We got to the theater around 6 for a 7:00PM movie and were surprised by the line that had already formed -- understandably so, lots of people were looking forward to the movie and tickets went quick for the advanced screening.

So now, my review take and two cents.

The Expendables was an hour and 45 minutes of awesome action sequences, occasional comedy, old-time action stars, awesome fight scenes and then some more awesome action sequences. The movie takes off from the moment it starts, and it doesnt really slow down after that.

It is with slight hesitance that you can walk into this movie 100% confident in saying that it WILL be good, I mean after all there are so many known faces and old talent that either this has to be a mocuaction film, like what JCVD did as a mocumentary, or a complete flop on ultimately a series, like the recent installment of Predator. However, everyone maintained their spot and rather than take the show, provided a slice of the pie.

The only acting flaw I found was Randy Couture  -- what the hell? How did he end up in this movie along side such greats as Stallone, Li, Dolph, etc etc. His acting is amateur, his parts were small (thank god) and the only use for him was being a baby about his cauliflower ears -- WHO CARES? Keep him in the ring, not the big screen, please k thanks.

My quick write? It's a great movie that blows people up, throws a lot of knives, provides some incredible action sequences (watched a few interviews, and they almost all did their own stunts, and they did them well), great gun fights, and more awesome action sequences. It will truly be difficult for any of these actors to pull out a movie better than this, I imagine, in the rest of their acting career.

If you dont like action, you dont like movies that plots dont really matter, and you dont like awesome bad ass action, then dont see this -- Eat, Pray, Love comes out in a few weeks.

If you DO like all this, you'll love it. I promise -- this will go down as one of the best action flicks to date, I feel!

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