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“I’ll rip your eyes out AND SHOVE THEM DOWN YOUR THROAT!” Alpha & Omega 3D Review

This morning I met my brother, his wife and two youngest children and took them to see the comin soon Alpha and Omega movie in 3D.

Through the entire movie I felt like I was watching a close relative, maybeeeeee say, a half brother or a cousin to Happy Feet. Obviously and convienently enough, they are by the same studios as Happy Feet. Mind you, this isnt a bad thing -- Happy Feet was a great movie. But, was Alpha and Omega?

I give it a B+.

The similarities were definitely great. If you recall Happy Feet, its about an outcast chick that has no voice (he cant sing, remember?) Well, while the story with Alpha and Omega is about wolves, one wolf isn't able to howl like he should be able to.

Some parts of the movie seemed a little odd, made me sit there and go "holy shit. they just said that?" (see title). I had to then remember the audience of the film are young children who will only remember the dialog for about 5 seconds, but the visuals for a lifetime. You have to keep the parents interested, right?

The next similarity is the ever classic Lion King. At parts, I felt as if I was watching Simba run through a stampede.

As far as the graphics, they were fine. Nothing mind blowing, by any means. However, it was not a cheap production. THe 3D? I didnt notice much really, however, they had plenty of opportunity to utilize this with the golf, river splashes, birds flying, etc.

The voice work was done really well and matched seamlessly with the animations. Some of the main voices were Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, Dennis Hopper, Danny Glover and Christina Ricci.

Anywho, movie was good. I do give it a strong B-, but if you are the type of parent that really wants to pamper the movies your children see, you should remember this is PG and some things the mother says are a little absurd (shes very protective). Aside from that, theres nothing I found that could be inappropriate.

Oh, some children were a little scared by all the growling of the wolves at certain fights.

RIP Dennis Hopper.


“Thats no way to treat a lady…” – Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D

Having been lazy and not entered the 99x web contest for screening tickets, I was fortunate enough to have someone contact me regarding an extra pass for the advanced screening of Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D last night.

I got to the theater at 7 expecting the movie to start at 8, when really it started at 9. This was alright, as it gave me time to finally chat it up with several people I see at all the screenings, and get my foot 'into their group' so that I can always get their extra passes for movies I am missing out on.

Once we were allowed into the theater, it slowly filled all the way to capacity, and we had some guest appearances from zombie nurses and other monsters from Netherworlds Haunted house, giving out coupons for this season -- score!

Anyway, you probably dont care about that -- you'd rather read about my take on the movie.

Up front, and honestly, I'd give it a C+/B-, and heres why...

For most of the 97 minutes, it was boring. When I think of Resident Evil, I think about hot chicks whoopin' ass on some Zombie brethren. It starts out with some infiltration action of the Hive, and then tapers of to a long segment of the travel and adventure of Milla Jovovich trying to locate survivors. The brunt of the action in the later half of the movie.

Some of the special effects were corny and looked very digital, and the story definitely lacked. The action scenes? Decent. The special effects on the zombies? Definitely good.

It was, however, a good surprise to see Wentworth Miller as I had no idea he had a role. Additionally, the best part of the mvie, for me, was Milla and Ali Larter.

The musical score was really good in this film, and the relation to the video game was definitely not there, however, Albert Wesker was present and the main antagonist. Another great apperance was that of The Butcher from Resident Evil 5 (game). While short lived in the movie, he was definitely a bad ass and they captured the character INCREDIBLY well from the game.

I'd say, if you are a fan of the series, then you should see this.

If you are the type of person that hates movies when they lack substantial plot and story, then you probably wont like this.

Will there be ANOTHER installment of Resident Evil? My vote? They have the option for sure.

Post a comment and let me know YOUR favorite Resident Evil movie, and why!

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