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“Aw.. my caterpillar never turned into a butterfly!” – Despicable Me


I have to be honest, I'm a little late on seeing this movie. I attempted to see an advanced screening, but myself and a thousand other families were turned away as there was not enough space in the theater for us all.

However, I figured it was now time to see the movie that I had been wanting to for quite some time!

Sure, its a little creepy for me to go see Despicable Me in 3D alone on a Sunday afternoon, but it could have been worse. For instance, I think I crashed a gay couples touch fest by sitting immediately behind them and chomping on some room temperature movietheater cheese and stale chips -- om nom nom chomp chomp. Theres some crumbs for ya, CRUMB MONSTER!

So, the movie finally started and I have to say I was hoping for a bit more and left a bit let down. Maybe it was the fact I was super excited to see it for free or a small fee (I have a free movie ticket from Regal Crown Club) but the girl wouldnt hook it up, and nor could I get a student discount because the movie is still considered matinee (seriously? its been out for 3 days shy of a month? WTF! Matinee my ass.)

To keep this short, since MOST of you who will see this movie HAVE seen this movie, it was petty good. If I had any kind of rating, I'd give it a "High C/Low B" or maybe like, 3.5/5 Cheetos.

Really, in my honest opinion, the best part of the movie (that drug on at parts) were the minions -- specifically their quest at the megamart for a unicorn. The minions had great fun and provided me with enough laughs to actually warrant a few tears, so for them, I say thank you.

The voice work, the score, and the animation was acceptable but definitely not breath taking, and you wont see me place this with the most epic of animated movies of all time -- ICE AGE!

So yea, check out the movie. If you have adoration for Boo from Monsters, Inc. then this movie will give you a new cute girl to enjoy watching on the screen.

Hell, you'll even learn how:

+ time =

Definitely pick this one up for a movie night when it hits Blockbuster/Netflix. Its a good watch, just not a modern classic.


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