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Here cukie cukie cukieeeeeeeee!

Baby cukie!

Mid-July I got a random package delivered and left in the leasing office. I had to slave to get it to my apartment and upon opening found it was an Earthbox Compost growing aparatus.

Within a few days I went out and picked up baby cucumber plants and two okra plants, assembled the box, planted the pups and sat back to watch what happens.

In the meantime, its rained and its been sunny. I've lost my tomato plants (actually, I said to hell with them and trashed em) and my broccoli still refuse to flower and give me some f'ing broccoli! My garlic chives are doing well, though. Havent used any :\

Well, I've decided its time to show just what exactly my dad did to my lofts patio. Honestly, I have several reasons to thank him for this hidden gem of a box.

It has:

  1. Given me a means to grow more veggies
  2. Given me something to watch progress and do, as I say, 'just cuz it gives me something to do'
  3. Most importantly: provided me shelter to go sit on my patio and smoke a cigar and drink a beer without the gay dude standing across the court yard staring at me while he smokes cigarettes backtoback while playing with his Chihuahua.

Here is a picture of the plants when I planted them (found in blog post "Sometimes I like to think I'm like Bob Villa, found here):

Just a couple happy baby plants!

Now, here are a few pictures of the plant now... A little over 6 weeks old:

Now, I just need to find a delicious recipe to use for pickling when they get to the appropriate size!


Some new pictures of my patio garden

Cherry tomato close up

So, my dad is pretty cool in that he will listen to what you're saying and then quietly surprise you with some sort of gift at times that directly relate to your stories.

Well, this time, I think he misheard my stories from telling how much produce I am growing to maybe how I wish I was growing a bunch hah. I was greeted by a giant box containing an Earthbox, their site found here. I went and bought some seedlings of okra (two) and cucumbers (three) and rearranged some stuff.

Now, I've got okra, cucumbers, garlic chives (three), broccoli (two), cherry tomatoes and brandywine tomatoes. Should be a good harvest once everything is done!

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