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Mead for noobs (honeywine for supernoobs)

I want to make my own beer. I do not drink. However, I still want to make my own beer. The fall back is the initial setup I want is around $160, then the cost of ingredients at another $40. Ultimately, I'm starting a savings plan to let me buy all the stuff in a few months. Meanwhile? I'm making some mead!


A buddy at work talked about starting his own a few months ago, and in my recent sporadic decision of home brewing, suggested I start some mead since its cheap, and has to age for a several months, anyway. Sooooo, I did. I accompanied him to a home brew store up in Gwinnett and bought a 3 gallon carboy, a stopper, and an airlock. Then off to walmart I went to buy ingredients for an ancient orange mead recipe he gave me from here .


Ultimately, you need a jug (at least one gallon), 3.5 # of honey (pure), 25 raisins (yeast food), bread yeast, two large oranges, spring water, stick of cinnamon, some cloves, optional nutmeg and allspice, and time.


The below picture is not the water I used, as I went and bought spring water instead, and this is the ingredients used for a two gallon batch vs one gallon).


Fill the jug with a half gallon of spring water, heat some honey up in boiling water (in the jar ) to make it runny, and pour into the water. Add the raisins, the orange (I zested then peeled and threw orange pieces in to remove the pith), spices, and top off with water to the 1 gallon mark of your jug. Shake it vigorously for 5 minutes if you can to mix all items, and once its cooled to 70-80 degrees, add the yeast and give it a swirl. Install your airlock, and wait patiently for it to brew!

I made two types here... On the left, is my blueberry vanilla orange-honey mead. Its literally a handful of blueberries (some squished to release extra flavor), a whole vanilla bean, 3/4 an orange, and 3.5# honey all added to a one gallon jug (literally, the water jug the water came in). My airlock on this is a balloon with a hole poked in the top to release gas as it builds up, but keep contaminents out.

On the right, is my Joes Ancient Orange Mead (aka, JAOM). The ingredients are the same as above mentioned, except everything is doubled except the yeast and cloves.


Here is a shot of the JAOM looking into my 3 gallon carboy. All the yummy ingredients floating on top. Eventually, everything will sink to the bottom of the jug and the mead will become crystal clear. At this point you siphon it out into clean bottles and store/serve/enjoy!


This is a side shot of my JAOM on day 1. I'll post up pictures later as it goes through the stages.


Honestly, if you have $20 and wanna try making some of your own alcohol, give this a whirl. It will produce at a minimum of 4 wine bottles full of alcohol to enjoy. Let me know, I'll help ya go through the steps (assuming I did it right myself!)

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