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The Last Exorcism – more like last exorshmisim. fail.

Tonight I took some friends to go see an advanced screening of The Last Exorcism, and I was praying to all that is Holy that this movie would not blow, much like many other recent horror AND SPECIFICALLY exorcism movies have.

Well, I was let down.

SPOILER FREE: The quick synopsis is a pastor states that you must believe in demons if you are Christian, because they're part of hell yada yada yada - then he says he doesnt believe in demons .. um, okay? He describes how exorcisms are a sham and goes to prove it with this girl in back-country Louisiana and the movie is the playing out of what happens.

Well, let me tell you this ... I dont think the writers of this movie thought the movie out any better than the JJ Abrams and his pose did with Lost. Honestly, the movie had a great feel like that of The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity -- the assumption this is real footage, and that it was real people filming. You constantly felt like you were stuck in the camera shake of Blair Witch meets Cloverfield -- except this time you've seen it already because ITS BEEN DONE IN BLAIR WITCH, CLOVERFIELD, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and this continues.

Finally, the plot takes an unexpected turn and myself and others leaned forward and you heard echoing through the theater "oh shit ... its about to get F'ING NUTS I BET!!" Don't worry, it doesnt.

Needless to say, this movie took 82 minutes of an 87 minute movie to build up and completely rub in a pile of dog shit  the last 5 minutes of the film, just to leave you with a bad taste and sticky slime on your skin going "seriously? what the f-bomb was that, Gomer Pile?"

My suggestion? Skip it. NEXT! PASS! If you can convience someone to buy your ticket, go for it. Otherwise, if you SERIOUSLY want to try it, go for it, but I DID tell you so.

If I had to create a comparison, I'd say its like Blair Witch had an offspring with a Satanic-based film (I cant think of any except South Park Uncut, but that'd probably turn out pretty good).

Sorry, Eli Roth. Wait, no I'm not -- that movie sucked. You apologize!

This is me leaving the theater pouting:

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