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The Other Guys – “I’m a peacock! JUST LET ME FLY!”


This evening I was fortunate enough, after much hard work and effort, able to catch the advanced screening for the new Will Ferrell movie -- which honestly, since seeing the first trailer (found here) for, I have been highly anticipating.

Surprisingly the line was not that large when we (Tyler and myself) arrived. Nonetheless, the moment the doors opened, I was all business regarding the viewing.

The movie opened and laughs were to be had within minutes to an overly dramatic car chase involving Duane "The Rock" Johnson and Samuel Jackson, and from that moment on the movie delivered (well, mostly...)

Don't act like you're not impressed!

The cast was surprising in that you saw a lot of faces from both current movies and older nostalgic films -- Batman was even there (Michael Keaton)! Hands down, as always, the best presence award must be given to Eva Mendes.

Without diving too much into the story line, the movie was definitely a success in regards to the prior installments of Ferrells deliveries. Would I cast it as his best film yet? I'm not entirely sure -- though it does provide a good fight for a top spot. Honestly, I'm unable to say which movie is indeed the best.

Probably some of the best parts of the movie were the under toning and exaggeration of emotion and action sequences throughout the film -- oh, forewarning, there is profanity though not excessive, so no youngsters if you're not fond of your babies hearing them fun grownup words to say (like fuck!).

More importantly, as was my main concern and I'm sure many other Ferrell skeptics fans, he was not completely typecast as his typical self, though his quirky ways are the basis of his character. It's been said many times that Ferrell just does not have the capability to headline a movie on his own and as the main squeeze, and honestly, I have to tend to agree. If you take some time to think about his most praised roles, its normally a split-screen duo (Talladega Nights, Step Brothers, Night at the Roxbury), or even as a "more or less" supporting character (Old School, Wedding Crashers). Granted, he does a great job leading the show in Anchorman and Elf -- and his unfortunate roles in Kicking & Screaming and Land of the Lost.

If you hate to laugh and dont enjoy getting to be separated from your mundane job and what not, then definitely do not go see this movie.

If you enjoy laughing, and want to get away from your kids/roommates/parents then I would definitely suggest checking out the film -- if you don't like it, well, thats not my problem

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